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“As a pro tennis player in the ‘80s I was National German Doubles Champion, No. 1 Bundesliga Team Tennis, ranked in the ATP Top 100 in doubles and Top 200 in singles. Even after 55 years of Tennis experience I still hold a lot of passion for the game; I don’t consider myself a tennis coach, but when people ask me to work with them on their game, the mental side has always had a special focus. It’s frankly where I personally struggled the most with my Tennis. Many decades later I contribute much of my personal growth from Tennis to come from that often under-emphasized aspect of the game.”

- Stefan Herman, Founder

1984 National Bavarian Champion,

Singles and Doubles

So-Emo-Fo-Tennis CAMP

with GendDerations Founder:


Shown here as Keynote Speaker @

India’s Tennis Association Coaches Conference

Pune, India 2016

The So-Emo-Fo Tennis Camp is an innovative tennis program combining the methodology of Inner Coaching with the social-emotional development work of GenDerations Mentoring. Numerous camps are available for all levels of ability from weekend sessions to multi-week camp intensives.

”Stefan, your "calling" in tennis is exhilarating and powerful. Happy to help you in your fantastic quest to impact young people.”

-Greg Patton

Former USA Head Coach National Junior Tennis 

So-Emo-Fo Tennis with GenDerations Founder
Stefan Hermann

The So-Emo-Fo Tennis Tennis Camp is an innovative tennis program combining the methodology of Inner Coaching with the social-emotional development work of GenDerations Mentoring. Numerous camps as well as online one-on-one Tennis Mentoring are available for all levels of ability in diverse settings from weekend sessions to multi-week camp intensives.


Our flagship camp is a two week Summer Camp experience combining various aspects of Stefan’s expertise. He is a German born author, social entrepreneur and global nomad, who for 25+ years has been advocating for the re-invention of education. He has 2 TedxTalks and a guest appearance at Oprah’s in his name. For over a decade he has been growing his global, more-than-for-profit network for youth mentoring called GenDerations Mentoring International, which is currently active in South Africa, Europe, India, Mexico, and the U.S. The program has been scientifically evaluated in India, the US and Switzerland (see Stefan has called Santa Barbara home for over 20 years. In the early 80’s Stefan ranked globally among the Top 100 tennis professionals. He once held the Guinness Book World Record for the longest rally in tennis history. He is a multiple German champion and has numerous wins over opponents ranked in the Top 30 in the world, including a win over the young Boris Becker.


The Summer Camp has once been awarded a $5000 grant by the SoCal Chapter of the USTA. Stefan has given these camps and clinics in various places in India, including the Mahesh Buphati Tennis Academy in Kochi, Mayo College in Ajmer and Deccan Gymkhana Club in Pune as well as on Malta and at Tulsa University’s Tennis Academy. Especially Stefan’s one-on-one Mentoring approach is praised as highly beneficial by students for more than just their impact on the students Tennis game:


“Stefan’s tennis mentoring helped me learn that being angry is going to happen, when I play but I can control it and be(-come) on “good terms with myself” again. I will use it in my life off-court by being a more positive person and not being too hard on myself.” Sofia Perduchi, 8th grade Tennis Player, Holland Hall School, Tulsa


“I learned that I need to relax and not expect perfection. I also need to adjust my self-talk and phrase it so I tell myself I can handle anything.” Erica Lambrecht, 10th grade Tennis Player, Cascia Hall School, Tulsa


“The mentoring session with Stefan made me aware about my fear of being alone and clarified my intention of overcoming that fear to travel further distances, which is something I have always been wanting to do.” Konnor Collins, Senior Bishop Kelley High School, Tulsa



The results of pre- and post surveys reveal: Average improvement of consistency per player: 124%

Excitement and motivation for Tennis after the camp on a scale 0-10:  9.57

Written comments on the So-Emo-Fo Tennis Camp by students:

— Excellent camp  

— Learned to focus more 

— Gained confidence

— I have more control over my mind now         

— Got to know myself better

— Lost my fear on the court         

— Now I am able to concentrate on any topic longer

— Consistency makes me much more confident than power

— When I am zoning, it’s actually not me who’s playing         

— Thank you for teaching such interesting things

— Loved the camp 

— I learned to control my anger  

— Now I can relax my mind under pressure      

— The camp added a totally new dimension to my Tennis

— Before I always thought that choking on important points was beyond my control

— Next time please make the camp longer than 3 days         

— A camp as good as it gets       

— The camp helped me boost my confidence on and off the court

— I can now make decisions more clearly cause I can calm my mind

— Nobody had ever told me about the mental aspect. So it was a totally new experience         

— It was fun!


Additionally there are PARENTS TALKs available as well as certification trainings for coaches. The parent talk includes a high-performance simulation which open many parent’s eyes on how to support their ambitious child on optimal performance? The 90 minute talk by Stefan Hermann is highly interactive.

The focus of all Tennis related work is to support students in their maturing process as human beings and to learn to apply Tennis experience to their daily lives: At most all levels of Tennis consistency, precision and focus are main ingredients for success. Usually the player making fewer errors wins. This formula is easier described than implemented. What if your ability to be consistent dependent on just a few, easy to learn skills? What if access to “the zone” is less of a mystery and simply a matter of practice and the right introduction to the skills, which get you there?



“I met Stefan many years ago and he’s been a frequent guest to Knowlwood Tennis Club. He inspires juniors and adults alike with his passionate and competent approach to Tennis.”            


“Stefan gave a presentation at the National Coaches Conference in India. It was a brilliant experience. The mental side of Tennis is as important as any side of the game and he is an expert in the field of the inner game.”  



“Who better to talk about consistency than one of the record holders of the longest rally in tennis history (6 hours and 45 minutes with 12,646 shots to be precise), Stefan Hermann. Mahesh Bhupathi Tennis Academy recently organized a clinic with Stefan at our Regional Sports Center in Kochi/Kerala/India. The clinic was primarily designed to teach students about finding and sustaining a level of focus allowing them to play their best tennis. The feedback of the kids and coaches was extremely positive. He also conducted a session with the parents to help them understand the best way to support children and their ambitions which would translate into an optimal on-court performance. The parents report many insights and loved the interactive nature of Stefan’s work.”


“As a parent, I can tell you that the kids loved it and stand to benefit hugely from this experience, not to forget us parents who got great insights - Thank you.”


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