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Weekend with 9-12 year olds in Johannesburg, South Africa

Here is a brief report on Stefan’s time in Africa in November 2013:

On my forth visit to South Africa and after leading numerous BoysToMen ROPAs in Joburg, I returned in November 2013 to Johannesburg where we conducted the first GenDerations Weekend for 9-12 year old girls AND boys with a co-ed staff of 14 people. The training is called the “Honeyguide Weekend”. Mind you: until starting GenDerations we worked as BoysToMen Joburg exclusively with boys ages 12-17. It was an awesome experience in the African busch.

A group photo and the final circle where we hold a rope under tension at hip level, so that a participant can walk the rope as a symbolism for how the community got together in trust beyond the generation gap, beyond race and gender. There is much to share about this weekend as it could have implications on the future of our work.

Johannesburg_450 (1).jpg
Mentor Training
in Soweto, South Africa

Mentor Training in Soveto the weekend after with 24 social workers from various mentoring and youth related organizations:

“We have just had a very enriching youth mentorship training day at Phaphama – thank you so much to Stefan for facilitating with such wisdom, authenticity and passion. It was just what we at Phaphama needed, and we know that the other organizations that attended benefitted a great deal too.”

Judy Conners, Director Phaphama NGO, Soweto, South Africa



from Honeyguide weekend

"Firstly, huge praise to Stefan for masterfully led weekend. Stefan, you held a gentle, clear and calm presence for both staff and children, and everyone has reported positive feedback from the weekend. In many cases, children are presenting themselves with a definite sense of a shift. I'm looking forward to this being at least an annual event on the Kairos and Boys to Men calendar."

Mark Loon, Director Kairos School and Co-Founder BoysToMen, Johannesburg

"I had a lot of fun on the weekend. I learnt a lot about community, for example: trusting and relying on other people. Some people at school are kinder and more trustworthy towards me. Danica is more open towards me - so when something is wrong with her and she is unhappy with something I have done, she tells me rather than keeping it to herself."

Josh, (10 years old)

"I asked Koketso what was different, what stayed with him from the weekend. He replied 'it's's a smile'. I asked him 'is this smile different from how you smile was before?' 'yes, mommy it's bigger.' 'what does the smile say?' 'I am happy' he replied. Thank you and bless you all with love."

Karin Ritchie, mother of Koketso (9 years old)

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